Sewer scopes & Water testing

Water Testing

Water testing is continuously performed by city utility providers. But if you’re purchasing a property with a private well, water testing is needed to determine if any unsafe levels of bacteria or other harmful substances are present, such as E. Coli, Fertilizers. Manure, that have seeped in through the ground water. 

Sewer Scoping

The sewer drain lines connecting the home to the city connections are the responsibility of the home owner for repairs and can often cost $10,000+. The only way to determine if any damage is present and to inspect their integrity is by sewer line inspection using a sewer scope camera.  We partner with some of the best plumbers to provide low pricing and this can usually be set up to occur at the same time as the home inspection; all with no additional fees for setup. Typical sewer scope costs: $125-$190 depending on accessibility.

Sewer line inspections check for cracks and breaks in the pipes, as well as, root intrusion through pipe junctions or any blockage.

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